Monday, October 19, 2020

How to Collect Cash on Delivery

 Step1: Enter Cash Book

There are three places you can enter the collected amount.
1.Enter Cash Book directly.

2. When the driver received the money, he can enter the Received Amount in his handheld. 

3.Admin can enter the Received amount during the Complete/Return Goods Issue function.

It will all shows in the Cash Book function as not Deposited yet.

Step2: Enter Bank Slip
When entering Bank Slip, you can select from the Cash Book entries.

After Bank Slip is complete, it will deduct the amount in Cash Book and set as Deposited.  

Step3: Consignment Invoice
When doing monthly Consignment Invoice, if there is a Bank Slip during the period Dates of Logistics that you select, it will automatically add a Banking Fee on it.

Reference: workflow chart


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