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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Approved Voucher Enquiry and Printing

 1. Log in to the System
  • Open the login page of nextERP system.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on the "Sign In" button to access the system.

 2. Navigate to Approved Voucher Enquiry
  • On the system's main screen, locate and click on Creditors module.
  • Click on Approved Voucher Enquiry in the Enquiry and Reports section.

  • The system will redirect you to the master page of Approved Voucher Enquiry.

 3. Query Approval Vouchers
  • Enter the relevant criteria you want to query.
Select the specific voucher entry type or leave "All Entries" to query all entries.

Transaction Date
Select the date on the documents.

Voucher Status
Select the voucher status you  wish to enquiry about or leave All to query all voucher status.

  • Click on the Search button to execute the search.
  • The system will display a list of  vouchers that match your search criteria.

4. View Approval History
  • In the list of  vouchers, find and click on the arrow icon of specific voucher you want to view.
  • The system will expand an approval history section of that voucher.

 5. Select a Voucher
  • In the list of  vouchers, find and click on the Voucher Status of specific voucher you want to view or print.
  • The system will open the detailed information window of that voucher.

 6. View Voucher Details
  • The system will display relevant information such as the document number, date, accounts, amount, etc.

7. Print a Single  Voucher
  • On the details window, locate and click on the Print  button.
  • The system will generate a printable version of the voucher and open a print dialog box .

8. Configure Print Options
  • The system provides print options, select and configure them according to your needs.
Total Row
This option determines whether the detailed list of the voucher displays a total row.

Close dialog after action
If checked, the print dialog box will close after printing is complete.

  • Leave Close dialog after action unchecked.

9. Preview Print Content
  • On the print dialog box , click on the Print button to start printing the voucher.
  • The system will generate and open another printing tab based on your settings and options.

10. Execute the Print
  • On the preview page, click on the Print button to start printing the voucher.

11. Download the PDF File of a Single Voucher
  • On the print dialog box , click on the Download button .
  • The system will generate and download pdf file of the voucher directly based on your settings and options.

12. Close Print Dialog
  • Click✖️ in the top-right corner of the print dialog box to close it.

13. Print Multiple Accounting Vouchers
  • In the list of  vouchers, select multiple vouchers you want to print by checking the checkboxes next to them.
    Only vouchers with a voucher status of Posted voucher will display a checkbox for batch printing.
  • Click the Print button and a file processing message box will appear.

  14. Download the PDF File of Vouchers
  • The system will generate a PDF file of vouchers and display a download link when the file is ready.
  • Click the download link.

15. Appendix
15.1 When printing multiple vouchers, if you close the download file window, you can find the file again in the Download Center for re-downloading.
          The files will be retained for 30 days.

    • Click on your name on the right-top of master page.

    • Click on the Download Center button.
    • The system will redirect  you to the mater page of Download Center.

    • Find the file you want and click the download link.

Monday, October 19, 2020

How to Collect Cash on Delivery

 Step1: Enter Cash Book

There are three places you can enter the collected amount.
1.Enter Cash Book directly.

2. When the driver received the money, he can enter the Received Amount in his handheld. 

3.Admin can enter the Received amount during the Complete/Return Goods Issue function.

It will all shows in the Cash Book function as not Deposited yet.

Step2: Enter Bank Slip
When entering Bank Slip, you can select from the Cash Book entries.

After Bank Slip is complete, it will deduct the amount in Cash Book and set as Deposited.  

Step3: Consignment Invoice
When doing monthly Consignment Invoice, if there is a Bank Slip during the period Dates of Logistics that you select, it will automatically add a Banking Fee on it.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

How to Create a Delivery Consumer in WIS


The Farm can create his Delivery Consumer in WIS.
But he only can amend the one created by himself. He can not amend the one that creates by ASML .

Step 1: Go to Delivery Consumer Maintenance
find [Basic Setting] section, and click on [Delivery Consumer Maintenance].

Step 2: Create Delivery Consumer
1.Click on [Create] to create a new delivery consumer
2.Click on [View] to view a delivery consumer created by ASML
3.Click on [Edit] to edit a delivery consumer created by farm himself

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

How to Enter Shipping Note


Drivers finished the scan of delivery labels and loading goods, then go to the dispatch assistant 
to Enter the Shipping Note.

Driver Loading Stock
The Driver now can directly scan the Pack ID on the Delivery Label first.
As below example, Driver scan Pack ID L2-00000152-005-002

Then the system will show which Delivery Note is this label belongs to
and what other Pack ID he needs to scan. as below.

Enter Shipping Note
After the Driver scanned all his orders, he can come to Dispatch Assistant to print his Shipping Note.
If the driver didn't complete his scanning his order, then his Shipping Note can not be generated.
This shows the driver should scan 5 Pack ID, but he only scanned 3.
Therefore, Shipping  Note can not be Created.

If everything is scanned, then it will create a Shipping Note like below.

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