Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Inventory Management

Stock Maintenance
Function path: Inventory > Inventory Maintenance > Stock MaintenanceStock are the goods or services that you sell to customers. You also purchase stock from your suppliers.In nextERP, there are different types of stock, stock items (physical goods) and none-stock items (services). You will not be able to place any orders until the stock is created.

BOM Maintenance
Function path: Inventory > Inventory Maintenance > BOM Maintenance
In nextERP, BOM stands for a group of predefined stocks. You could import it into a quotation, a purchase order, and a sales order.

Stock Type Transfer
Fuction path: Inventory > Stock Transfer > Stock Type Transfers
In nextERP, there are several stock types, such as Normal Stock, Faulty Stock, Swop-out Stock etc.These stock types are used to help you manage and distinguish your stock holding. Stock Type Transfer helps you to change the type of stocks in the same location.

Stock Location Transfer 
Fuction path: Inventory > Stock Transfer > Stock Location TransfersIn nextERP, you can define your own locatoins, just take them as warehouses. Stock Location Transfer helps you to move stock from one location to another location under the same stock type.Notice that only Normal Stock, Faulty Stock and Swop-out Stock are allowed to move between locations.

Transfer Delivery Note
Fuction path: Inventory > Stock Transfer > Enter Transfer Delivery NoteA Transfer Delivery Note is one of the shipping documents which is necessary when a shipment is shipped from a location.It provides information of delivery date, address, receiver's name, stock list and so on.In nextERP,Enter Transfer Delivery Note helps you to make the document when the goods are ready to be shipped.


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