Tuesday, September 29, 2020

How to Enter Shipping Note


Drivers finished the scan of delivery labels and loading goods, then go to the dispatch assistant 
to Enter the Shipping Note.

Driver Loading Stock
The Driver now can directly scan the Pack ID on the Delivery Label first.
As below example, Driver scan Pack ID L2-00000152-005-002

Then the system will show which Delivery Note is this label belongs to
and what other Pack ID he needs to scan. as below.

Enter Shipping Note
After the Driver scanned all his orders, he can come to Dispatch Assistant to print his Shipping Note.
If the driver didn't complete his scanning his order, then his Shipping Note can not be generated.
This shows the driver should scan 5 Pack ID, but he only scanned 3.
Therefore, Shipping  Note can not be Created.

If everything is scanned, then it will create a Shipping Note like below.


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